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Why Consider Greenovate?

Increasing Demand

Join the millions of people who want freedom from mortgages and financial burdens. Today’s most innovative technology and state of the art construction processes are now available at market rate to you and your family.

Decreasing Supply

The affordable housing market is at an all time low. Homes are more expensive to buy and maintain than ever before with the average new home costing over $300,000 and maintenance expenses skyrocketing.

Needed Solution

An average home paid over a 30 year mortgage will consume more than 35% of a family’s total income. What if we could reduce those costs?

Build Smarter. Live Better.

  • Smarter Homes

    Imagine lower utilities, an air conditioner that anticipates your needs, walls that weather a tornado and fire… All of this at market price.

  • Disaster Resistant Homes

    Tornado, flood, fire, and termite resistant = lower insurance costs. Save time and money. What will you do with your savings?

  • Lower Utilities

    What will you do with the money that you’re saving in utilities? Pay off your mortgage? Go on vacation? Upgrade your lifestyle? We provide the platform you need to have a better life.

  • Precision Team

    The way that we build domestically in the US hasn’t changed in decades. We’re bringing a combination of talent, experience, and end-products to revolutionize the way we live.

The Greenovate Way

We are not just another group of engineers and architects. We are dreamers, entrepreneurs, and most importantly, doers who believe that Kansas City is ready to embrace the technology and craftsmanship that families in other countries have been enjoying for decades.
Our secret? Our Process.
We have mixed our team’s experience with industrialized construction, passion for sustainable housing, perfectionism, and, off course, good taste to provide a product that makes business sense to the end consumer. We are not reinventing the wheel. We are just optimizing processes and systems in the industry.

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What People Are Saying

Ben Stein

“If there is anything close to a perfect business, it just might be affordable housing.”